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Rental Kit

Fire Escape Studio

Fire Escape Ceramic Painting Rescue Kit™ (a.k.a. CPR Kit™)

Now you can throw a Fire Escape painting party wherever and whenever you like! You will transform from a "party-host" to the "party-hero" with a Fire Escape CPR Kit™ at hand.

The CPR Kit™ is available on a rental basis allowing you to take the Fire Escape experience to your group, for almost any occasion imaginable. In order to assure availability, we require 24 to 48 hours advance notice of your rental kit reservation date.

CPR Kit™ Rental Fee and Duration

The cost of the CPR Kit™ is $6.00 per ceramic item *with a minimum purchase of 8 ceramic items.

A wide variety of un-painted ceramic items are sold separately. Any leftover or un-painted items cannot be returned for a refund

The rental duration is 4 days (including the pick-up date of the kit).

A security deposit of $100.00 is required to rent the kit. The security deposit will only be refunded upon the safe, orderly and timely return of the kit.

Please note: a detailed rental agreement must be reviewed and signed by the lessee before the kit can be released from the studio.

CPR Kit™ Contents and Supplies

  • 11 pre-packed popular glaze colours (non-toxic)
  • Instruction sheet
  • Finished sample tiles showing techniques
  • Various size paintbrushes
  • Sponges / paint palettes
  • Fine-tip black detail pen (outliner)
  • Water bowls
  • Pencils / erasers / sanders
  • Storage bin and packaging for transport of ceramic items.

CPR Kit™ Additional Info

An itemized checklist of your rental kit contents and the replacement value is listed in the rental agreement. The lessee is fully responsible for any costs resulting from missing or damaged items relating to the CPR Kit™.

Please note that late fees are also a condition within the rental agreement.

In the event that any unfinished ceramic painting projects need to be completed back at Fire Escape, regular studio fees will apply.