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Fire Escape Studio's Associated Artists

The idea of Associated Artists was formalized when the Studio's management changed in December of 2016. When the Wilson family bought the Fire Escape, one of the things that stood out was that there was a group of very dedicated, very talented people who were huge fans of the Studio. We wanted to give them role in creating the future of Fire Escape.


For the first time in our 20 year history we had a booth at Calgary's Comic Expo. Our loyal fans were approached to help produce a body of work that would be a good fit for the Expo. In exchange for helping us promote our studio we offered to promote them and sell their work in studio and online on Facebook and Etsy.

We have a little gift shop area in the studio now that features a different artist every month. Come on in and check out the ever changing display of their work.

Their art can be found on our Etsy Store page and our Fire Escape Facebook page. Connect with the following links.

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