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Take it home!

Fight the Covid Blues!

Ceramic Painting Rescue Kit

Sometimes being in our own space makes us feel more creative. Renting Fire Escape's "Studio in a box" AKA. CPR kit is a great way to be creative where and when you want. The CPR kit is great for any occasion. It has everything you need; paint brushes, palettes, paint, bowls, sponges and sanding and etching tools. The kit comes with an instruction sheet

The kits come in 2 sizes: The large is for 6 or more pieces of pottery. It costs $44 plus pottery and a refundable $50 rental Deposit. The small kit is good for 1 - 5 pottery items. It costs $22 plus pottery and a refundable $25 rental Deposit. 

We can do special additions to the kit as requested. When the kit is returned with your painted items we fire them. If you represent a Not for Profit or a School please call to see if you are eligible for our specials.

Check out what's in store, below. Send us a request, get a price quote, we'll pack up your kit and you can pick it up and keep it for a week.
What's in store:

Pitchers, Beer Steins, & Stemless Wine Glasses

Tea pots, jugs and beer and wine.jpg

Tea Cups & Mugs


Teapots, Cream & Sugar Bowls

Teapots, cream and sugar.jpg

Candy Dishes &


Bowls and candy dishes.jpg

Platters, Plates &

Centre Pieces

Bigger plates,.jpg

 Dinner, Salad &

Desert Plates

Dinner, salad and desert plates.jpg

Picture Frames &


Picture frames, decor.jpg

Jewellery Boxes, Spoon Holders & Salt & Pepper 

Spoon rests, nick nack boxes, S&P.jpg

Planter Pots  

Planter pots.jpg

Planter Pots &

Spring Items

Seasonal, pots Easter and spring.jpg

Bookends &


Vases and Bookends.jpg

Small Vases &


Decor and bud vases.jpg

Large to Medium 


fantasy, birds fig.jpg

Medium Figurines

Medium fig.jpg

Various Banks &

Small Figurines

Banks and small fig.jpg

Tiny Figurines &

Fun Nick Nacks

Small fig, kids decor.jpg
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