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Pottery painting ...

This part of our website is dedicated to all the different creative ideas that we can explore with Pottery Painting. Because we are always innovating at Fire Escape this page is likely to always have something new on it, so visit often.

Using underglaze on Pottery poses some really interesting problems, this kind of problem solving forces us to be really creative in our approach to painting. What our escape artists love the most about this medium is the fact that it can look like oils, giving art the feeling that it is lit from within. Underglaze can also be used like a water colour as well. This means it can give subtle atmospheric effects and can look really neat when we layer the paint. Because we are kinda painting with clay we can also explore a medium which is sculptural. Now if all that sounds really deep, feel free to come down the rabbit hole with us and stay and explore what's on this page.

Forces us to think

Outside the Box!

Simply Cool idea:

Using finger prints to build up her images, this enterprising teacher got her class to be awesome co- creators for these tiles. We thought this was a great way to celebrate the school year end. These lovely keepsake tiles were done using the CPR kit rented from our Studio.

Leaves a Lasting Impression:

This approach to painting is very similar as the finger prints. We can use anything as a stamp. Simply apply paint to feet, hands, fingers, and stamp the paint onto your piece. Sponging uses a very similar principle. You will find two kinds of sponges at our studio as well as designer stamps.

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