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Pick Your Pottery


Fire Escape is a walk-in Pottery Painting Studio. Groups of 4 or less can come on in and be assured of great creative support.

If you call ahead, we are happy to book regular studio time for larger groups 5 - 16. For even larger numbers, please contact us about special bookings and private parties, or even a CPR kit.


Our Studio has hundreds of different bisque items, (unpainted pottery) to choose from. There are figurines, banks, decorations, houseware, and dinnerware. These blank canvases are waiting for you to put your unique artwork on them. They make one of a kind keepsakes, are great for personal mementos, and amazing gifts for the special people in our lives. We slip cast  seasonal items throughout the year and always take requests and custom orders all of which we can do in our studio .

In our new studio we manufacture and cast our own exclusive line of pottery items. This enables us to keep our prices incredibly competative and pass special discounts on to you, our customers. This means that our business exists with a smaller environmental footprint, and our product is unique.

Rescue Your Creativity!


Our staff are super talented and helpful. They are always prepared to give technical tips and friendly advice. For those times when creative chaos happens, they will help you get back to your happy place. If you are new to us we will provide you with a short "Fire Drill" tutorial that will help make the daunting seem do-able.

We are proud to carry over 59 colours to choose from, in regular paint pots, puffy paints, and writer pen bottles for more highly detailed work. We carry Mayco and Duncan brand underglazes, all of which are non-toxic and water soluble, so even if you aren't wearing an apron, you can wash that creative mess out. We also carry various specialty glazes that are sure to help you make something spectacular even if you aren't feeling terribly creative.

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Paint Your Passion!


We know that we are making memories with you and your loved ones and we are pretty passionate about what we do. We are constantly innovating and holding our artistic integrity to a very high standard.   The story doesn't just end with you completing your piece. Your work is now in the combined hands of our kiln and our Kiln Masters. Your art is dipped in a non-toxic and lead-free clear glaze that will help strengthen your pottery and ensure it is food safe. It is then fired at almost 1000 degrees centigrade in one of our in-house kilns. Once it comes out, we do our best to ensure that your item is looking its best.


Please be aware that hand made items are just that, one of a kind, and beautiful sometimes because of their flaws. We strongly recommend hand-washing your items and avoiding any extreme hot to cold exposure. 

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