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Wheeling All Day: Book for Wednesday, Saturday, And Sunday

Fire Escape Studio  is introducing 2 hour time slots  for our wheel sessions. Please call ahead to book. 

Wheel sessions are available for individuals and groups of up to 5. These are instructor led orientations that are designed to give 'just a taste' of what it is like to throw pottery on the 'wheel'. We charge $45 per person, this includes instruction, materials, and kiln services.  

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Hand Building  

Handbuilding sessions are an instructor lead exploration of the basics of clay work. We cover the 3 main techniques that have been used to manipulate clay into beautiful functional objects since the dawn of time: Coiling, Slabbing, and Pinch pot. 

These sessions can be booked just like the wheel sessions. They are available in back to back time slots on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Hand building is a great activity for larger groups. We can book 1 - 11 people. Prices can range from $25 - $45.

Birthday Packages

All packages for 5 kids or teens includes a complimentary 4x4 birthday wishes tile painted by our in-studio artist. No studio fee is charged for the birthday person. Any extra kids will be offered the discounted prices up to 9 kids.

All packages for 10 kids or teens includes a 6x6 birthday wishes tile painted by our in-studio artist. No studio fee is charged for the birthday person, and their friends get to paint for half off studio. Any extra kids will be offered the discounted prices up to 15 kids.


Unfortunately we can not combine packages with 'Groupons' or with special day discounts.

Little Whimsies Package

Fire Escape cast figurines priced normally $12-14. Package for kids and teens includes one figurine each (chosen from selection and either a 3x3 tile or 2x2 tile each.

5 kids: tiles, figurines & studio fees $95

5 teens: tiles, figurines & studio fees $100


10 kids: tiles, figurines & half price studio $167


10 teens: tiles, figurines & half price studio $170

Fair  Figures Package

Fire Escape cast figurines priced normally $16. This package gives a $4.00 discount off each figurine purchased for your party.

5 kids: figurines & studio fees $85

5 teens: figurines & studio fees $90

10 kids: figurines & half price studio $147


10 teens: figurines & half price studio $150

Charming Curios Package

Fire Escape cast items priced normally $20 - $22. Everything in this package is discounted by $4 - $6.

5 kids: item & studio fees $114

5 teens: item & studio fees $120


10 kids: item & half price studio $207


10 teens: item & half price studio $209

Make a Mug    Package

Fire Escape cast items priced normally $20 - $22. Everything in this package is discounted by $4 - $6.

5 kids: mug & studio fees $114

5 teens: mug & studio fees $120


10 kids: mug & half price studio $207


10 teens: mug & half price studio $209

Team Building: How Fire Escape can help.

Painting ceramics is an incredibly unique way to build a team. Having a good time doing something creative together is just the beginning. Your team members will come away with a guaranteed work place conversation starter, a lasting, personalized and useful momento.

Its totally up to you on how you want to organize your Fire Escape hosted team event. As food for thought here are a few suggestions that build on the basics.

1. Your team members can paint one another's mug. This idea is a big favourite of the Glenmore boating instructors. They like to draw for who will paint what mug. This is done in secret so everyone has to guess at the end which mug is for who.

This is a creative way for your team to get to know one another.
2. Your team can do one or two larger projects together. Maybe a centre piece for the board room or a communal tea pot. Everyone gets creative input on how this project comes together. Perhaps your team members want to express your groups mission or values on the piece.

We can even throw a bit of a creative wrench in the mix by giving your group an adventure box full of unconventional tools for their projects. Now they have to problem solve how they can use the tools to achieve their end results. When the final piece is done everyone has something they can appreciate and see their handy work in.

3. Pass it along project. This can be one large group item or one piece for each person. In this group project everyone participates in the the creative 'conversation' that is happening on one another's pieces. Maybe everyone gets a mug and everyone else contributes something encouraging or symbolic on that mug.



Corporate Functions!

Just Because!

Special Bookings

Fire Escape Studio is proud to be the place where people make their special memories. We can host up to 30 people at our studio for a private function. For special bookings you are free to bring your own food and beverages. To do a special booking we require a minimum of 10 painters and a week's notice.

Special bookings are done outside of regular studio hours and so have a different pricing structure. We also require a deposit and a signed agreement for Special bookings.

Special Booking Studio fees:

 $12 per adult for 10-14 attendees

$10 per adult for 15-19 attendees

 $8 per adult for 20-30 attendees

Minus $2 from above for Youth painters 

( ages 13-19)

Minus $3 from above for kids (12 and under)

New party rooms available:

At our new location we now have 2 party spaces that are bookable any time and any day!


Available for regular studio fee amounts.

 Please call 403-457-1857 for more information.

Team Building!

Wedding Showers!

Birthday Parties!


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