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Fire Escape Dining

FE0250-Teddy Bear Spoon Rest.jpg

FE0250-Teddy Bear Spoon Rest.

Size Apx. 5 in. x  3 in

FE0222-Mushroom Gravy Boat2.jpg

FE0222-Mushroom Gravy Boat

Size Apx. 7" x  4" x 3.5"

FE0243-Large Shallow Canister with lid..
FE0223-Swiss Style Spoon Rest.jpg

FE0223-Swiss Style & Plain Spoon Rest

Size Apx. 5 in. x  3 in

FE0246-Elegant Pitcher.jpg

FE0246-Elegant Pitcher

Size Apx. 6.5" x  3.5"

FE0200-Slender Salt and Pepper shakers.j

FE0200-Slender Salt and Pepper shakers

Size Apx. 4 in. x  2 in.

FE0201-FE0211-Casserole Dish, with or wi
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