Fire Escape does Custom Pottery pieces:

Have you got creative ideas about your home decor items? Maybe you've been looking for that perfect something but you just can't find it? Our studio is very experienced in taking a ceramic art project from idea to reality. We can collaborate as much as you feel comfortable with, by either doing the whole project or just getting it to a stage where you can paint your totally unique item. And, the best part is, the price doesn't have to be out of this world. We like to keep our prices comparable to craft market rates. 

Check out our gallery of projects bellow to see some ideas.

Jug and Basin glaze fired.jpg
Maureen's Pioneer Style Jug and Basin

Maureen and Ed came to the studio with the idea of doing a decorative Pioneer Style Jug and Basin. We came up with some concept sketches and then made a couple of styles to choose from on the pottery wheel. After a colour consultation and more concept drawings of how the butterflies were going to be positioned. We painted the pieces for them, and before final firing had Maureen back in to check on any corrections. They were very happy to see their final piece a few weeks later!

Basin and Jug unfired.jpg
Jug and basin 1 greenware.jpg
Jug and basin 2 greenware.jpg
Brown and White pupper.jpg
B and W pupper.jpg
2 Pupper Tpots front.jpg
Pair of Pupper Teapots

Leslie got inspired to have our studio make a pair of pupper teapots - as a present for her daughter - when she saw our original British bulldog teapot. Once Leslie sent us the reference photos for the two dogs, we got started by casting our small one cup teapot. We modified the piece by adding the snout and building it out and giving the lid some ears. When things looked right we fired to bisque and then did the paint work to match the colours and markings of the dogs. Special bonus feature: because they pour out the nose you can fill two cups at one time! 

2 nd Pupper painting.jpg
Painting Pupper.jpg
In progress pupper.jpg
Original insperation.jpg