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Behind the scenes  at Fire Escape 

Glazing and loading a kiln 

At Fire Escape we use a 'low' fire white clay that goes into a kiln that gets to approximately 1050 degrees Centigrade. It takes 8 - 9 hours to get the kiln to it's peak temprature, and it takes about 16 - 20 hours to cool down enough to unload it. Even though the 'paint' that we use in the studio is technically a glaze, we do an additional clear glaze dip on a majority of painted items. This provides things with more resillience, greater gloss and colour vibracey, as well as doing 'double duty' in assuring that  functional items will be food safe. Sometimes people have to wait a couple of weeks between painting and picking up. This is because we need enough items to go into a kiln to fire in order to make firing as cost effective as possible.

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